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Helping sensitive souls heal, so that they can stop rescuing others and become healers themselves.

6 Month Program


You so passionately want to help people, but keep getting stuck in repeated patterns of people-pleasing and overgiving, leaving you depleted and disconnected from your true self.

When you find out you’re an Empath or HSP, you’re in awe of this discovery. You’ve been given this gift, and just want to share it with the world!

But then you realise that all it’s doing is draining your energy. You keep attracting toxic people into your life, and even if they’re not toxic, you develop such an extreme attachment to them that the pressure becomes too much for them and they walk away.

So, in comes Google, YouTube, and Instagram.

And the black hole of information ensued.

What’s a Narcissist? What’s an Empath? How can empaths set boundaries with Narcissists? How to break Trauma Bonding?

And suddenly, you are caught in a whirlwind of information and you don’t know what to do with it.

It has taken me a lifetime to find a solution to it all. It's possible, anyone can do it, but it does take work! Here's some of what the work consists of:

1. Understanding what is keeping you stuck in these patterns

2. Learning how to say yes and no in authentic ways without feeling guilt or resentment

3. Learning how to help others without losing yourself

The Empath Warrior Program does this.

If you are ready to address the core of the problem.

If you are ready to break generational patterns that are keeping you stuck in this cycle.

If you're ready to be help others in a way that feels balanced and fulfilling, then this is for you.


Empath Warrior Program

A six month program to help you turn your trauma into passion so that you can become a healer, through Coaching and inner healing


  • You want to learn how to regulate your nervous system and manage your sensitivities so that it doesn’t have to hold you back.

  • You want to break repeated patterns of people-pleasing, over-giving, and unhealthy attachments.

  • You want to learn how to set boundaries without feeling guilty or selfish.

  • You want to stop the cycle of attraction to toxic people or toxic environments

  • You are willing to put in work now, to build the future you want and know you deserve.


  • You’re satisfied with the way things are and you don’t have a desire to improve on your life.

  • You are unwilling to put in work.

  • Breaking patterns doesn’t interest you.



  • 12 Group Coaching calls

  • 6 One-to-One Coaching calls

  • Training  (Mindset / Overcoming Trauma / Overcoming Codependency)

  • Accountability model

  • Private facebook group​





Pillar 1: Breaking generational patterns by trauma healing methods (including unblocking trapped trauma and inner child work) so that you can start forming secure attachments to healthy people, and stop being attached to toxic people, and create more balance in your relationships.


Pillar 2: We will heal Codependency patterns, by healing on a deeper level to break the patterns of people pleasing, over giving, and unhealthy attachments, so that you can start giving from a place of worthiness and balance, and develop healthier relationships where you don’t feel so drained.


Pillar 3: I will personally work with you to develop customised tools to manage your highly sensitive trait so that it doesn't have to hold you back and so that you can allow yourself to be seen, give to others from a safe and grounded place, and learn tools to become a healer.

Spots are limited.



TODAY'S PRICE: £500/month

or £2800 Full pay


6 Monthly Instalments

£500 GBP / $620 USD MONTHLY

£3,000 / $3,700 overall

3 Instalments

3 INSTALMENTS OF £1000 GBP / $1,235 USD

Full Pay

£2,800 GBP / $3,500 USD



Here are some frequently asked questions:

What happens if I can't make some of the sessions Live?

All Group sessions will be recorded and will be available to everyone on the program.

Will content be Live or pre-recorded?

Mostly Live. 

What online platforms will we be using?

Zoom for Live Calls, and a Private Facebook Group for recorded content and group interactions. 

I live in another time zone. Will I still be able to attend the sessions if they are hosted in the UK?

The time of the live sessions are organised to suit European, American and Asian Time Zones.

How regularly will we me meeting?

Group calls take place twice monthly, and one-to-one calls take place once monthly at a time of your choice.

I am an introvert and taking part in group environments is a struggle for me. Will I be obliged to take part in group sessions?

You will not be obliged to interact in groups, but it is encouraged to help you make the most out of the program. Listening to other people be Coached will offer you great insights. You will also get to know your team mates on a personal level, which will enable you to feel more comfortable sharing. Connecting to like minded people is very validating and necessary for HSP's.

If you have any other questions about the program, please get in touch.


Michelle, you helped me save my own life... Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was like a frightened animal sat in my cave waiting for the world to disintegrate around me. I was at a point where I just couldn't do it anymore. Now I feel like I'm a little flower back to the light! The sun again shines on my face, and out of my heart. I can feel it!

Angel Birch


Michelle has transformed my life COMPLETELY! I was stuck in a rut and felt like I was on a treadmill, not knowing who I was anymore and filling my days to avoid spending any time alone with myself. If I had time alone I couldn't even figure out what I enjoyed or wanted to do. I felt lost.

I found Michelle's videos on Instragram and they resonated so much. I knew there was a more fulfilling life out there for me if I only took the leap of faith to invest in myself and my future. So I did it, I enrolled on Michelle's one to one coaching program!

After the first call I resigned from my job. There is a new career path in store for me which is more aligned to my values and highly sensitive personality.

As an HSP I could relate to Michelle very easily, she completely understood me and had helped others like me in the past. She knew all the right questions to ask to get to the bottom of any particular issue and help me reframe it.

Michelle, I can't thank you enough for our transformation programme. I am so much happier, more fulfilled and enjoying my new life!

Dani Crabtree


I cannot thank you enough Michelle for coming into my life. When I became “awoken” 5 years ago i was at first exuberant because I understood the meaning of my whole life. I recognized that the order of the happenings in my life had lead me to this moment.
I began searching who i am with psychology and had great results but i was at a loss for who i was as an empath. This lead me into great depression and anxiety due to the lack of knowledge and support in our society but was quickly resolved with our first session. Because of you, Michelle I have much more confidence in myself to

become the man, “empath” i am meant to become. Your knowledge, support and love is impeccable!!!

All my love, Arthur


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