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Services & Programs

FREE  Discovery Call

This call will help you gain a better understanding of what Coaching with me will offer for you.


6 month Group Program

£5,700 Pay in instalments / $7,700 USD

£5,600 Full Pay / $7,600 USD

- Build Awareness on what is holding you back from living the life that you want right now

- Increase your understanding of who you are as a Highly Sensitive Person

- Develop new habits with clear action steps to help you move closer towards your goal

- Transform your mindset to help you better manage all aspects of your life

What's included:

- One-to-One sessions (Value £6,000)

- Weekly Group Coaching (Value £2,000)

- Weekly Mindset Training Webinars (Value £1,000)

- Trauma Release Training (Value £700)

- Overcoming Codependency Trainings (Value £2,000)

- Accountability Model (Value £500)

- Learn the foundations to become a Coach / Entrepreneur


- Grounding Technique Training (Value £500)

- Manifestation Training (Value £1000)

For enquiries on one-to-one membership,
drop me an email or book your free discovery call


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