The Mindset Coach 

Trauma Informed Certified Coach
Are you often told that you’re “too sensitive”?
Do you find yourself magnetising towards narcissists?
Are you feeling disconnected from who you are? 
Do you love helping others?
 I’m Michelle, and I’m a Trauma Informed Certified Coach.
I have helped hundreds of sensitive souls go from feeling stuck in cycles of toxic relationships, to stepping into their calling as natural healers.
I know how difficult it can feel as a highly sensitive person, to feel different and overwhelmed by daily life. Firstly, nothing is wrong with you, and rest assured that you are not destined for a life of anxiety and depression! You CAN live a fulfilling life. 
I too was in your shoes many years ago, exposed to toxicity, Narcissistic abuse, and over giving without limits. Then one day, I decided to seek help. Not from a place of “not being good enough to figure it out on my own,” but by making a smart decision to borrow the expertise of others. 
My methods are proven to create lasting change, addressing the root causes through trauma informed healing work, as well as through transformative coaching to help you create the life you want. 
If you are feeling a sense of loss of identity and burn out from giving so much to others and giving so little to yourself, then NOW is the time to start making a change.
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Get access to free resources including a free video training to 'My 4 secrets to setting solid boundaries and actually sticking to them', and a free quick to find out if you're a Highly Sensitive Person.


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The Healing Empath Circle - Monthly Membership

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This is a self paced monthly membership for empaths wanting to heal themselves, break the cycle of attraction towards narcissists, and learn how to thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person.


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6 Month Empath Warrior Program

This is Michelle's signature small group program. This is for Empaths who want to be personally coached and mentored, and want to heal from Narcissistic Relationships and turn their pain into purpose.


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6 Month One-to-one Program

If you are looking to be hand held through your healing process, and have personalised guidance to help you implement boundaries, heal the root cause of your patterns, and create the life you dream of, then this program is for you!


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My Story

Hi! I'm Michelle, and I am an introverted Highly Sensitive Person and Empath.
I became exposed to Narcissistic abuse since a very young age. I soon become the emotional caretaker to everyone around me. Constantly scanning my environment for people’s moods and feelings, and constantly walking on eggshells.
These familiar patterns soon translated into my adult relationships. I found partners who were unpredictable, and work environments where I was constantly gaslighted. 
It wasn’t until I was 26 that I realised that I had no idea who I was, or what I wanted out of life. I suffered from anxiety attacks almost daily. That was when I chose to get help. 
I started off with therapy. Although helpful at first, I later became a therapist hopper for several years, desperately seeking the answers that I wasn’t getting to move forwards. It wasn’t until I found Coaching that I realised that I had simply been turning to the wrong places for the help I needed to build the life I wanted.
Within just a few months, my life totally transformed. I felt JOY for the first time, I became connected to my true authentic self, and I even attracted a beautiful healthy relationship.
Now, my mission is to help other empaths break the cycle of attraction towards narcissists, so that they can step into their calling as natural healers too :)

Angelina Birch (United Kingdom)

"You helped me save my own life… Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was like a frightened animal sat in my cave waiting for the world to disintegrate around me. I was at a point where I just couldn’t do it anymore… Now, I feel like I’m a little flower back to the light! The sun again shines on my face, and out of my heart. I can feel it!"

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Marc Wilson (South Africa)

"It was quite by accident that I came across Michelle, but I am so happy I did. I had been struggling with a feeling of emptiness, loss of passion and direction in my life. I am now in my 40’s and have being a stay at home father for the last 10 years. I have helped raise three wonderful kids to the point where I want to start developing myself again. This is where I hit my “wall”.
The journey started when I began to question my father and brother’s behaviour and how toxic it was. I went to therapy for many years. I did my research and joined many groups on Instagram that dealt with stories like mine. Whilst the therapy helped it was only until I came across individuals like Michelle, that I received the validation and space to own my life again. Michelle was amazing in that she created an environment that was safe and strong in which I could reconnect with and rediscover myself. She created an environment in which I felt it was safe to be vulnerable, to be emotional, to love my inner child and to accept myself. She empowered me to realise that “I am enough!”
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Suzanne (France)

"You are a mindful lifesaver Michelle. Actually that should be 'life starter' because that's exactly what I feel your coaching has done for me.


You've created a life for me I didn't know about."

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Michelle (USA)

"What feels most different for me now, is SELF LOVE. That was my hardest mission.


I've finally unlocked it, and it is so liberating!"


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Arthur (USA)

My Dear Michelle,

I cannot thank you enough Michelle for coming into my life.  When I became "awoken" 5 years ago i was at first exuberant because I understood the meaning of my whole life.  I recognized that the order of the happenings in my life had lead me to this moment. 

 I began searching who i am with psychology and had great results but i was at a loss for who i was as an empath.  This lead me into great depression and anxiety due to the lack of knowledge and support in our society but was quickly resolved with our first session.

Because of you, Michelle I have much more confidence in myself to become the man, "empath" i am meant to become.  Your knowledge, support and love is impeccable!!!

All my love,


Meghan (USA)

I just had my first call with Michelle and it was wonderful - I honestly wasn't expecting to go so deep so seamlessly and her way of exploring and reflecting back to me my need for satisfaction and recognition allowed me to go inside myself to uncover the pure joy I have so longed to give to myself. Before my call I was unknowingly looking outward for validation giving my self excuses when in all honesty what I wanted was to internally validate myself - Michelle coached me through this allowing me to go inside and find my true self which immediately gave me the joy, satisfaction and power i so desperately craved all while being gentle and graceful. She allowed me to see a new perspective and get to the core of my old story of control and open up to the new story just unfolding of creativity and self acceptance for which I'm grateful. If you are thinking of working with Michelle I suggest you book a call because you will not regret it her ability and sensitivity is so refreshing and allowing. I felt truely seen Thank you so so much

Michelle you helped me save my own life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Angelina Birch