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Have you been trying to stop cycles of toxic relationships but have no clear direction? 


Do you find yourself craving connection with other Empaths who are on this healing journey too?
Are you ready to embrace your sensitivities, stop attracting Narcissists, learn how to set boundaries without being consumed by guilt, and grow healthy relationships? 


The Healing Empath Circle is a self paced membership for empaths wanting to heal themselves, break the cycle of attraction towards narcissists, and learn how to thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person.
As an Empath, you have a natural ability to self reflect and understand the patterns that might be keeping you stuck, but you might be finding yourself lost in not knowing HOW to break those patterns. 
If that's you, then the Healing  Empath Circle is for you!


  • A private virtual community that provides a safe space to connect with other healing Empaths from around the world
  • Access to¬†a¬†library of pre-recorded content, trainings, tools and worksheets¬†
  • One Live Virtual workshop each month
  • One Live Q&A each month
  • Guided Trainings for nervous system regulation
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"What feels most different for me now, is SELF LOVE. That was my hardest mission. 


I've finally unlocked it, and it is so liberating!"



Michelle initially joined the '3 day challenge' which ignited this incredible transformation in her.

The '3 day challenge' has now been replaced by 'The Healing Empath Circle' Monthly Membership. All the content from the 3 day challenge is shared on the membership platform, and MORE!

My Dear Michelle,

I cannot thank you enough Michelle for coming into my life.  When I became "awoken" 5 years ago i was at first exuberant because I understood the meaning of my whole life.  I recognized that the order of the happenings in my life had lead me to this moment. 

 I began searching who i am with psychology and had great results but i was at a loss for who i was as an empath.  This lead me into great depression and anxiety due to the lack of knowledge and support in our society but was quickly resolved with our first session.

Because of you, Michelle I have much more confidence in myself to become the man, "empath" i am meant to become.  Your knowledge, support and love is impeccable!!!

All my love,