Empath Warrior Program

6 Month Transformational Program 
You so passionately want to help people, but keep getting stuck in repeated patterns of people-pleasing and overgiving, leaving you depleted and disconnected from your true self.
 When you find out you’re an Empath or HSP, you’re in awe of this discovery. You’ve been given this gift, and just want to share it with the world!
‚ÄčBut then you realise that all it’s doing is draining your energy.
You keep attracting toxic people into your life.
So, in comes Google, YouTube, and Instagram - and the black hole of information ensued. 
What’s a Narcissist?
What’s an Empath?
How to set boundaries?
How to break Trauma Bonding?
And suddenly, you are caught in a whirlwind of information and you don’t know what to do with it.
It has taken me a lifetime to find a solution to it all. It's possible, anyone can do it, but it does take work!
Here's some of what the work consists of:
1. Understanding what is keeping you stuck in these patterns
2. Learning how to say yes and no in authentic ways without feeling guilt or resentment
3. Learning how to help others without losing yourself.
The Empath Warrior Program does this. 
If you are ready to address the root of the problem.‚Äč 
If you are ready to break generational patterns that are keeping you stuck in this cycle.
If you're ready to be help others in a way that feels balanced and fulfilling...
Then this is for you!


  • Group Coaching calls

  • 2¬†One-to-One Coaching calls

  • A library of recordings, tools and trainings¬† (Mindset / Nervous system regulation / Healing from¬†trauma / overcoming Codependency / Coaching tools to learn how to help others etc.)

  • Unlimited DM Support¬†¬†
  • Accountability model

  • Private facebook group

  • Free access to 'The Healing Empath Circle' monthly membership


  • You want to learn how to regulate your nervous system and manage your sensitivities so that you can begin to see this trait more as a gift instead of a curse

  • You want to break repeated patterns of people-pleasing and over-giving, that are leaving you burnt out

  • You want to learn how to set boundaries without feeling guilty or selfish.

  • You want to stop the cycle of attraction towards Narcissistic people, and learn how to better manage relationships in your life (with family, a partner, friends etc)

  •  You are willing to put in work now, to build the future you want and know you deserve.


  • You’re satisfied with the way things are and you don’t have a desire to improve on your life.

  • You are unwilling to put in work.

  • Breaking patterns doesn’t interest you.



Pillar 1:

Breaking generational patterns of trauma through somatic healing and trauma informed work, so that we can address the root cause of your tendencies to attract narcissistic people into your life, and instead begin to attract healthier relationships.


Pillar 2: 

Healing Codependency patterns, including people pleasing, over giving, rescuing, the need to 'fix' other people's problems, which leave you feeling depleted and burnt out. On the program, you will be guided towards simple action steps to break these patterns, and instead begin to give to others from a place of inner worthiness and balance.

 As an added bonus, you will also be learning Coaching tools, so that you can begin to help others in a more transformative way (instead of giving advice that they don't apply!)


Pillar 3:

I will personally work with you to develop customised tools to help you manage your highly sensitive trait, so that it doesn't have to hold you back, and so that you can give to others from a safe and grounded place, with full acceptance of yourself.


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TODAY'S PRICE: £600/month

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6 Monthly Instalments


£600 GBP

Full Pay


£3,600 GBP

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Suzanne (France)

"You are a mindful lifesaver Michelle. Actually that should be 'life starter' because that's exactly what I feel your coaching has done for me.


You've created a life for me I didn't know about."

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Angelina Birch (UK)

"You helped me save my own life… Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was like a frightened animal sat in my cave waiting for the world to disintegrate around me. I was at a point where I just couldn’t do it anymore… Now, I feel like I’m a little flower back to the light! The sun again shines on my face, and out of my heart. I can feel it!"

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Michelle (USA)

"What feels most different for me now, is SELF LOVE. That was my hardest mission.


I've finally unlocked it, and it is so liberating!"


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If you have any other questions about the program, you can email me at [email protected]